Riverwalk 2018 Report: Exploration Kamp River

Tim Pauli, this year’s Riverwalk organizer, had this to report on his exploration journey to the site of the 2018 Riverwalk!

Recently, three friends and I went hiking, following the Kamp River from Rosenburg to Krumau. We saw the hydroelectric power station in Rosenburg that EVN wants to expand. Further up river there were quite a few ups and downs:

  • Down – next to the river we found traces of some beavers late night picnic – the sap was still coming from the trees.
  • Up – we had a magnificent view of the Kamp valley: the meandering river and castles adorning the hills – inspiring one’s fantasy of ancient times.

On the second day after a refreshing swim in the Thurnberger Stausee the group divided.  My friends headed back home, and I rushed along the trail to follow the Kamp from Krumau to Rastenfeld to catch a bus.

In the evening, I returned to Rosenburg and slept over in the woods.
The next morning, I took my bicycle, which I had left in Rosenburg on the first day and cycled down river. I crossed beautiful cultural landscapes, little villages, vineyards and more castles.  Impressive!

In Hadersdorf am Kamp, I got on a train and returned to Vienna.

It was a beautiful trip – and gave me some good impressions of the area and even more motivation for continuing the planing process.  It’s going to be a great trip!

River Walk 2018 – Exploring the Kamp surrounded by charming Waldviertler cultural landscape and occasionally tracks of wild nature 😉

– Happy trails,










Riverwalk 2018… Will it happen?

The answer… YES!

Riverwalk 2018 is happening.  But like every Riverwalk it will be unique!

This year’s Riverwalk will focus on 2 main things:

1) RIVERWALKING – just like every year, a small group of youth will walk along a river to explore and protect its beauty, uniqueness and high ecological value

2) PROTECTING EUROPEAN RIVERS –  this year is VERY important because starting this summer the PUBLIC (in Europe) will have a chance to speak up for the “EU Water Framework Directive” – which protects our rivers, lakes, and drinking water!  (more to come)

So, where will the Riverwalk 2018 take place? 

  • Kamp River in Lower Austria (about 1.5 hours from Vienna)

How long will it be? 

  • 12 days

When will it take place?

  • August 6-17, 2018

Who’s organizing it? 

  • A few veteran Generation Earth members (Tim Pauli and Nina Wagner + plus other experienced hikers) and a handful of other interested walkers! Want to help – let us know! (see below)

What’s the significance? 

  • This year we’re not just focusing on 1 river, but the health of ALL rivers in Europe.  If the Water Framework Directive is weakend, then it means all European rivers and waters are threatened: that means drinking water too!

What can I do if I want to get involved, participate or help out?

  • Planning team: please let Tim know!  tim.pauli@gmx.at
  • Walkers: Soon, you’ll find a link on the website and FB to the application process!
  • Political Action Team: Interested in helping with the political side of this year’s walk? Contact Lena: magdalena.vallazza@hotmail.com

Stay tuned as we begin to ramp up our communication on this year’s Riverwalk and the efforts to protect the Water Framework Directive – and all European Rivers!

Here’s to Riverwalk 2018 – Let’s walk!

Walk with us! – Join the Riverwalkers to the source of the Inn

Join the Riverwalk team 2017 as they walk to the source of the mighty Inn River!

What:  A hike to the source of the Inn!

When:  Sunday, July 16, 2017

Where/meeting point:  9:30 AM at the tourist office in Maloja (by the bus stop Posta)

Why:  20 young adults from Austria, Germany and Switzerland will be gathering in Maloja to start their 3 week, 500+ kilometer journey from the source to the confluence with the Danube (Germany).  You can help to send them off by joining them as they walk to the source of the Inn.

Details on the hike:  The hike will be an all day event and last from 9:30-17:00. It will ascend 800 meters so please make sure you are conditioned for the hike.  Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear as well. Food and drink will not be provided so please bring sufficent water, food, etc.!

Along the hike, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into the Riverwalk project and gather first-hand information from engaged and motivated river protectors:  WWF staff and Riverwalk participants.

So, join us for a powerful start to this epic journey!  Let’s walk…Riverwalk 2017!

Einladung: Wanderung zur Innquelle

10 days and counting – until Riverwalk 2017 begins!


It’s the final countdown to the longest Riverwalk yet!

On July 14, 20 young adults from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland will gather in the amazing Swiss Alps along the Austrian border and begin their epic journey follwing the Inn River.  Together, they will travel 500+ kilometers from the spring to its confluence with the Danube River. The journey will include hiking, biking and rafting along and down a hallmark of the Alps.

(c) WWF JuliaBraendle

The Inn River, often referred to as “the lifeline” of the Alps, and once a wild and natural river, has been greatly modified by humans – straightened, dammed and degraded over the past decades.

According to a study by WWF, only ca. 1% of the entire river is still in its original shape. Twenty-four hydropower plants have dramatically affected the river’s flow and have caused a decline of the river´s bed load and biodiversity.

But there is hope! Over the last several years, various renaturation initiatives have been launched to try to preserve the flora and fauna in the wetlands and the Riverwalk crew is hoping to discover the chances and opportunities for bringing the mighty Inn River “back to life!”

Like past years, this Riverwalk also aims to develop the participants’ personal connection to nature and rivers, explore topics of renewable energy, nature conservation, sustainability and eco-tourism, as well as develop competences such as leadership, team building, project management and active citizenship. At the same time, participants will learn how to live and work together with youth from different backgrounds and co-create a supportive, participatory, open-minded, communicative atmosphere and thus improve intercultural understanding.

Are you interested in “joining” the Riverwalk?  You can do it in many ways:

  • Virtually:  follow our blog and Facebook group and postings:  RiverwalkEurope
    • Please leave us a comment, share our posts, and add your thoughts!
  • In person: there will be several events where YOU can join the Riverwalkers to celebrate and cheer them on their way.
    • Stay tuned for more information soon!

Riverwalk 2017 – Planning weekend

From March 3 – 6, youth representatives from WWF Switzerland, Germany and Austria will gather in Innsbruck, Tyrol to plan the next Riverwalk – Walk the Inn! 

Together, with WWF staff, the team will discuss the route, camping, program, activities, communication and media events, and get to know the core planning team!

Stay tuned to find out what happens during the meeting!

Will there be a 2017 Riverwalk?

That’s the question many are asking…

And the answer is, “YES!”  There will be at least 1 major Riverwalk in 2017.  This year, the Riverwalk team will follow the Inn River, 500+ kilometers, from its headwaters in Switzerland, through Tyrol, Austria, and then to Passau, Germany where the Inn meets the Danube.

What’s expected to happen?  3 weeks of action: hiking, rafting, biking over 500 km, awareness raising activities, actions – media events, and more!

What’s happening now?  Right now, we are looking for planning team members from Germany and Switzerland to join up with the Austrian planning team to kick off the planning of all the activities, workshops, events, etc.

Know someone who might be interested? Then, please contact Martin Huber, WWF Österreich, Generation Earth, Tel.: +43 650 677 64 86, martin.huber.austria@gmail.com

Want to organize a Riverwalk of your own?  Need some help getting started!? Get in contact with us and let’s see what can happen!

Don’t just sit there, get Riverwalking!

Where are all the photos?

You may be wondering this question…

Well, please have a bit of patience.  They are coming, but due to the slow or almost non-existent access to the internet in Albania we chose to upload the texts first.  But they are coming soon.

Stay tuned!  …and be ready to be amazed.