What is Riverwalk all about?

Well, it’s all about rivers, of course! …but also much, much more!

“Riverwalk” is a powerful life-changing experience for young people who want to discover and protect rivers and have an intense cross-cultural experience but it is also a project that sends a clear message: while there is a need for renewable energy, it cannot come at all costs. With the number of free-flowing, wild rivers in Europe dwindling, it is critical to protect the most intact and ecologically important ones left.

2020 marks the 7th year of Riverwalk!

More on the Riverwalk 2020:

The Riverwalk 2020 will bring together 20 young adults to hike for two weeks along the Ötztaler Ache!

Overall, Riverwalk’s objectives are to develop participants’ personal connection to nature and rivers, explore topics of renewable energy, nature conservation and sustainability as well as develop competences such as leadership, team building, project management and active citizenship. At the same time, participants are invited to learn how to live and work together with youth from different backgrounds, resolve conflicts in a productive manner, and co-create a supportive, participatory, open-minded, communicative atmosphere and thus improve inter cultural understanding.

Riverwalk targets motivated young adults/leaders (18-30 years old), and combines action and activism, fun and outdoor experiences all into an exciting project that aims to increase awareness of the importance of free-flowing rivers, develop participants’ leadership skills, expand a growing international network of young environmental leaders, and form personal connections to unique and threatened river systems.

Aim of Riverwalk 2020:

~ to discover and protect the Ötztaler river system

~ learn about river protection in Austria: threats and options

~ self-growth and empowerment

~ team building and river connection

This project will raise awareness of the importance of protecting free-flowing rivers, explore topics such as balancing renewable energy development and nature protection, learn about threats to wilderness and mountain river systems. It will develop a core of motivated and active young adults who are willing to take action for river conservation and support the participants’ personal development and connection to the issues and region.

Details of Riverwalk 2020 – Austria:

  • Number/makeup of participants: 20 young adults (18-30 years old) from Austria
  • Distance of journey: ca. 100 kilometers along the Ötztal
  • Dates of journey: July  20 – August 2, 2020

Riverwalks of the past

  1. Austria-Slovenia (2014)
  2. Italy-Slovenia (2015)
  3. Albania (2016)
  4. Inn River: Switzerland, Austria, Germany (2017)
  5. Kamp River (Austria) and Ammer (Germany) (2018)
  6. Lech River (Austria) (2019)

The Riverwalk projects in the past have always had a strong focus on protecting natural, free-flowing rivers and promoting ecological solutions to the challenges rivers face.

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