Riverwalk 2017: Participant applications still welcome!

Let´s fill up the tarps!

We are extending the registration period for particpants from Switzerland and Germany!!!


Where? Inn River (more than 500 km!) – from Maloja (Switzerland) to Passau (Germany)

When? 14 July – 06 August 2017 (24 days!)

What? Join 20 young adults (15-30 years old) from Austria, Switzerland and Germany as we discover the Inn by hiking, cycling and rafting more than 500 km from the source of the river to the confluence with the Danube.

Why? The goal of this year’s walk is to discover, protect and raise awareness of the importance of large, “living” rivers such as the Inn and explore local initiatives for renaturation and eco-friendly uses!

Please NOTE: each country has a limited number of spaces…7 people!


Registration deadline: 31 May 2017

Apply HERE! *

(* Are you a young filmmaker? Please click here)


Costs: In order to secure your place in the project, a participant fee of 100,00 EUR will be collected and must be paid within 3 weeks of being notified of your acceptance to the project team. This fee will help cover your costs (camping fees, meals, outdoor activities, etc.).

Contact: Martin Huber (martin.huber.austria@gmail.com)


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Riverwalk 2017: Search for young filmmaker is on!

Riverwalk 2017 – The Movie!

We are looking for a young, motivated filmmaker to join the journey and capture it on film!!!

Are you a film student, a passionate filmmaker, and have experience making films?

Would you like to join the Riverwalk team and produce an exciting documentary about it?

If your answer is “Yes”, then, please take a look here and get in contact with Martin Huber (Mail: martin.huber.austria@gmail.com)!


Riverwalk 2017 – Planning weekend

From March 3 – 6, youth representatives from WWF Switzerland, Germany and Austria will gather in Innsbruck, Tyrol to plan the next Riverwalk – Walk the Inn! 

Together, with WWF staff, the team will discuss the route, camping, program, activities, communication and media events, and get to know the core planning team!

Stay tuned to find out what happens during the meeting!

Will there be a 2017 Riverwalk?

That’s the question many are asking…

And the answer is, “YES!”  There will be at least 1 major Riverwalk in 2017.  This year, the Riverwalk team will follow the Inn River, 500+ kilometers, from its headwaters in Switzerland, through Tyrol, Austria, and then to Passau, Germany where the Inn meets the Danube.

What’s expected to happen?  3 weeks of action: hiking, rafting, biking over 500 km, awareness raising activities, actions – media events, and more!

What’s happening now?  Right now, we are looking for planning team members from Germany and Switzerland to join up with the Austrian planning team to kick off the planning of all the activities, workshops, events, etc.

Know someone who might be interested? Then, please contact Martin Huber, WWF Österreich, Generation Earth, Tel.: +43 650 677 64 86, martin.huber.austria@gmail.com

Want to organize a Riverwalk of your own?  Need some help getting started!? Get in contact with us and let’s see what can happen!

Don’t just sit there, get Riverwalking!

Where are all the photos?

You may be wondering this question…

Well, please have a bit of patience.  They are coming, but due to the slow or almost non-existent access to the internet in Albania we chose to upload the texts first.  But they are coming soon.

Stay tuned!  …and be ready to be amazed.


The last full day…

”Today we woke up early and said our thanks and goodbyes to Gent’s relatives. Afterwards, we started our trip back to Lake Shkoder. Nate left with the WWF van (minus the spare tire, as someone must have needed it more than us!) to get to the car ferry, while we were supposed to walk for “only twenty minutes” to the point where the passenger ferry should come but then “someone” 🙂 thought that we were mistaken and we needed to also go to the other ferry location…so we began to walk.  It was not 20 minutes, but almost 2 hours!  So, we had to hitchhike. Fortunately, two Czechs (a large group of them is marking trails in the mountains) drove some of us and all of our gear to the ferry stop while a group of us were running along the road.

When we arrived there, we discovered that Mario Molla, the ferry driver, was waiting for us at the original ferry stop (the 20 minute hike one). And so… 

Keep calm and let Mario handle it. He came and picked us up! …thank goodness we didn’t have to walk back.

After two hours of beautiful sightseeing on the ferry, Mario stopped and let us swim in the lake. Once we arrived, we met Nate and 3 others hitchhikers who he’d met on the car ferry. We took a shuttle to Shkoder where we said the first farewell to a Riverwalker this day: to Genci (we love you, big mama, we hope to see you soon) and then we bought food for the long rides home.

In the evening we enjoyed pizza and a most beautiful sunset on the lake. Finally, all of us took a real shower…how fine! Now, finally cleaned, we are pretty ready for our last night under the stars (well… How we could be ready for this?).

Tomorrow, we have to wake up really early. And we have to be ready to let go a lot. To be ready to say goodbye, to split up again, and go home, by van, by train, by… (!)

BUT… always look at the bright side of life!

So, we all wish to keep the memories of the (now we can really say this) craziest and wildest Riverwalk ever. And to walk, again, together.

Natën e mirë

Riverwalk…Keep it going, keep it going

Love, Riverwalkers’