• The Austrian Riverwalk video is now live!

    We’re happy to annouce that the official Riverwalk 2018 video following the 13 day journey of the Riverwalk-Austria team as they hiked and biked through the Waldviertel along the Kamp River is now online! It not only shows images of the time they spent along the river, sleeping under the stars, cooking and living together, […]

  • Riverwalk Germany’s Video is now live!

    This is the first of a few Riverwalk videos from this summer!  Check out what happend on the Ammer River in Germany… Soon, we’ll post 2 other Riverwalk videos from the Austrian team…stay tuned. Video is in German, but you can create subtitles by selecting „Settings“ and Auto-translate and then choose your language.

  • And what happend on the first-ever German Riverwalk?

    Below, you’ll find the blog posts from WWF Germany Jugend’s first-ever Riverwalk!           Post 1:  The wet start of the German Riverwalk 2018 The adventure begins… August 8, the first-ever German Riverwalk began!  The team met after some hours in train, bus and a first walking part in Oberammergau to a […]

  • The Finish Line

    After our day of hiking without backpacks we continued our journey from Rosenburg to Gars am Kamp. This day we had only a fairly short walk of 10 km to manage, because at two o’clock in the afternoon Fabio of the Riverwatch team joined us and held a talk about the last free-flowing rivers in […]

  • The expansion of the power plant in Rosenburg – A controversial project!

    It’s been two days since our last entry. However, a lot of things happened in this short time frame. Jure, a dedicated old timer when it comes to Riverwalks, left us on Monday when we headed from the Dobra Dam to a representative of the local initiative “lebendiger Kamp”. After a fairly short hike we […]

  • Update Riverwalk-Austria: Getting Our Feet Wet & the Water Framework Directive

    It has been a while since the first blog post due to some unexpected changes in our program. Two days ago we were not able to settle down at the meadow that we had planned. It was a challenge to find an appropriate alternative to put up the tarps. The only suitable place to stay […]

  • Riverwalk-Austria 2018 – Our adventure begins!

    Riverwalk-Austria 2018 – Our adventure begins!

    Two days ago the Riverwalk team met in Liebenau (Hirschau) to get to know each other. We had the possibility to talk about safety, cooking and some basic rules during the walk. Shortly after we were sweating because of the high temperatures, a local storm caught us by surprise. We immediately searched shelter under our […]

  • Not 1 but 2 Riverwalks in 2018!!!

    Get ready for some exciting news!  It’s official, there will be 2 Riverwalks this year! WWF-Germany’s „Jugend program“ proudly presents their first Riverwalk to take place along the Ammer River in Southwest Germany.  And you can take part and walk with them – 92 km and 10 days along the beautiful Ammer River! When? 8-17 […]

  • There’s still time!!!

    It’s not too late!   There’s still time to apply for the (5th) Riverwalk team 2018.   Have you Riverwalked? If you have, you know that it’s life changing!   Where? Along the river Kamp (~150km) When? 6-18 August, 2018 What? 13 days of hiking through the Waldviertel and following the Kamp River. Spending time […]

  • Riverwalk 2018 Report: Exploration Kamp River

    Riverwalk 2018 Report: Exploration Kamp River

    Tim Pauli, this year’s Riverwalk organizer, had this to report on his exploration journey to the site of the 2018 Riverwalk! Recently, three friends and I went hiking, following the Kamp River from Rosenburg to Krumau. We saw the hydroelectric power station in Rosenburg that EVN wants to expand. Further up river there were quite […]