Riverwalk 2019… only a few steps away!

Do you hear the footsteps?

(c) Toni Vorauer River in Lech Valley, near Forchach, Tirol. Austria

You will soon!

Riverwalk 2019Walk the Lech will begin this Sunday, July 14th!

20 some young adults will set off along the Lech River, in Western Austria, to discover this amazing river system. Starting at the headwaters and continuing along the banks where it eventually crosses into Germany.

Why are they walking?

You may be asking yourself, “why would a group of young people “give up” their summer breaks to walk for 2 weeks?”  Good question, and their answers can be found here!

What will they do?

Well, walk! But that’s not all, along the way, they’re likely to have life-changing adventures, experience beautiful vistas and see one of the last remaining “wild, natural rivers” in Austria and the Alps.  They’ll meet up with various experts, artists, nature lovers, and fellow adventurers.

Join the Lech Riverfest!

Want to be part of the action?  Then join the walkers, locals and river enthusiasts at this year’s Riverfest.

When? Sunday, 21. Juli 2019
Where? Naturparkhaus Klimmbrücke – Außenareal (Klimm 2, 6644 Elmen)
What to expect? Fun and games, music, workshops and snacks!
(Workshops such as survival, wild plants, land art, LIFE Lech)
+ a creative “Kinderprogramm!!!”

More here!

Let’s hear it for this year’s Riverwalkers!  To a great walk!

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