Preparing for the Riverfest after a mighty storm

20160727_150158What a night! Let’s just say we got rained on… okaz, it as a downpour, and it was really heavy! It lasted for a least 45 min and it really tested our tarp tents. They served their purpose really well. Just some of us got wet but still they managed through this crazy storm.

We had breakfast at a local’s house. They were to cook for the whole group of 50 for the entire Riverfest…and so they invited us into their place and prepared a delicious meal. That is Albanian hospitality!

Then we started to prepare us for the next 3 days here in Dragobia. The first Riverfest is about to start and we’re expecting 30 Albanian youth to come! We spent most of the day preparing for this event. We built several benches, field kitchen furniture, solar showers, and also set up tarp tents for our guests. We then discused our workshop programme. It is going to be awesome, and we are looking forward to having interesting workshops with the Albanian Riverfest participants.

20160727_150220Around 5 p.m. around 35 visitors arrived and an hour later we started with our programme. First, we did a few get-to-know activites and introduced the Riverwalk project through a theatrical presentation complete with a reenactment of the top highlights of the trip. Now, with our bellies full we are enjoying some guitar music and singing by the campfire.

The sky is very dark and cloudy, and we’re wondering if it will be another crazy night ….

Hey ho ! Good night !



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