July 22, Day 9: Hitting the waves

The tarp had one more time successfully kept us dry from the continous rain. Over night there was quite a lot of precipitation coming from the sky which didn’t help to make our soaked clothes dry. Being almost late in departure (surprise!), after only a few kilometres we were special guests of a luxury fish fun park, the „Fischlift Runserau“ (- „Eine innovative Lösung für schwierige Standorte“), whose purpose is to give the fish a ride over the 16 meters water level difference of that small power plant. Incredibly, that project had cost about 3.5 million Euros! Remarkable features like a concrete tower that lifts the fish up, a camera to monitor the fish movement, a tunnel of 600 meters to release the fish upstream PLUS a goody bag from the TIWAG were quite impressive memories of that 2 hours visit. Extremely satisfied by the new knowledge and the short discussions, we had to continue with our bikes all the way until our lunchbreak. Imst is the perfect spot to change a bike for a rafting boat and that’s just what we did. Nearly everyone was boiling under the strong sun and the layers of neoprene, so a cool bath in the crowded Inn was just right. After the briefing of how to handle a paddle, three boats of Riverwalkers hit the waves. Cheering at each other, the landscape was passing quickly. Still, some exciting manoeuvres were tried out: standing up, spinning around or jumping in the refreshing water, for example. The final turn was the jump-out here at Stams, where we are setting up the tarps and preparing the dinner right now – ready to close our eyes full of excitement for the next rafting adventure… Zzzzzz….

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