The edible trail!

Having mastered the group warm up called, a human knot, we began the third part of our walk.


+RW_PapCam_Reduced_Day4_003As soon as we put on our backpacks and made our first steps, vivid conversations started. With the sun coming out, our mood got another boost.  Joyfully we walked through thick groves of fir trees and enjoyed the scent of the forest. Some parts even brought up a jungle-like feeling, with all the lush and dense greens. While always having the sounds of the wild Isel in our ears.

Having had two days of a warm up behind us +RW_GrpCam_Reduced_Day3_017doing only light walking, the real thing was about to start. We had 15km before us and needed to find a pace that the entire group was comfortable with. That wasn’t always easy as we have some experienced riverwalkers as well as some amateur walkers. But we knew that some delicious local food was awaiting us in Feld, our destination, and that was some good motivation.

But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t had lovely food on our way. Because as always the kitchen team did a good job with lunch. Also mother nature treated us with some of her fruits, along our path hungry mouths got satisfied with tasty wild strawberries, raspberries and black currents.

+RW_PapCam_Reduced_Day4_011Lots of laughter accompanied us and eventually we got to Feld. A little shower of rain welcomed us as we arrived. After it had gone, we decided to have a reviving swim in the Isel. We can tell you this works better than five cups of coffee! Finally, we got to indulge in some “Schlüpfkrapfen,” pasta dumplings stuffed with a potato filling, served with chives and melted butter. Domen set a record of 18 “Schlüpfkrapfen” at one sitting.

We ended our day with some planning work for our upcoming art project, which will be presented to you in Bovec. So stay tuned, it’s going to be mindblowing.

3 thoughts on “The edible trail!”

  1. my loved walkers out there!
    wherever you are.
    think of the power your steps may have. one by one.
    as the time passes in the rhythm of your hearts.
    (the best clocks you may ever find! 🙂
    the solid ground which carries you. the resources you bring.
    together in the circle, heart-opened, right-placed, sharing. finding.
    an encounter. nourishment of your soul. mindblowing. peaceful.
    walk, towards the end of imagination. live. truly.
    and never stop.

  2. hahaha …… Grats to Domen. 18 Schlipfkrapfen sind eine tolle Leistung! 😉
    Alles Gute weiterhin und danke für euren täglichen Bericht. Er ist sehr unterhaltsam und ich lese ihn wirklich gerne!
    LG Traudl

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