• 10 Riverwalkers joined the „Flussdialog Inn“

    The hardworking Riverwalkers didn’t just stop after their epic journey…on no!, they continued to follow their mission to promote and protect free-flowing rivers! From September 13 – 14, ten RW 2017 participants met up in Innsbruck to join the “Flussdialog Inn” (www.flussdialog-inn.org) at the University of Innsbruck. WWF-Austria, the main organizers of the event brought […]

  • Didn’t make it to this year’s Riverwalk? You can watch it here!

    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!  The release of this year’s Riverwalk 2017 – Walk the Inn! Documentary! Almost two months have passed since the Riverwalkers took their last steps this year and by now most of their „blisters“ have healed after 24 days of riverwalking. So, it’s high time to share some of […]

  • August 6, Day 24: 517 km. Done!

    Last day, last hike, last ninja, last group hug, last words, last moments, last rain drops, last goodbye, last blog entry, BUT … memories that last forever. We crossed the bridge at Wernstein and followed the Inn to the „Dreiflüsseeck“ in Passau together with some friends who stayed with us at Wernstein after the RiboSommer-Fest. […]

  • August 5, Day 23: RiboSommer-Fest, chillax 🙂

    Ooooh what a festival! In total, 9 different workshops were offered; dealing with topics like community supported agriculture, chances in the climate crisis, non-violent comunication, project management and dancing. Food was provided by the team of Christian from Generation Earth plus their deeply dedicated mums. You can tell how enjoyable the food was by the […]

  • August 04/05 – Day 22 actually, but a little bit of 23 as well 😉

    Sorry, we didn´t post anything about yesterday yet. We all woke up pretty tired after a night of moving around. Most of us slept outside without a tarp and woke up as the first raindrops fell on our sleepingbags. We grabbed our stuff and looked for shelter under a pavilion in the garden. We made […]

  • Day 21 – Time to say good bye (part V-VII)

    Time has come and in addition the bitter sweet aftertaste of spending almost three weeks intensivly together. Three power-ladies left us today and we can’t say that this didn’t effect us all. Even for those who came as guestwalkers later by, already felt how fast a deep relationship can be built. However, riverwalk-life keeps going […]

  • August 2, Day 20: Almost there!

    After a rainy night full of thunderstorms we woke up to a nice morning and had our breakfast while looking outside as the morning sun dried off the wet grass. It was the day of our last bike ride. It began with a visit of the Europareservat Unterer Inn where we spent a few hours […]

  • August 1, Day 19: Exploring the Wetlands

    We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the soccer field, which was our sleeping place for last night. While having our beloved porridge and a first cup of coffee, a journalist arrived, asked us about our project and somehow managed to get a good shot of the still sleepy group. A little later we […]

  • July 31, Day 18 – Ice Cream Dream

    Surprise surprise, our porridge was containing some couscous ­ some left-overs from last nights dinner. To give you an insight of our morning struggles: packing the van is an every-day challenge since today we even had to include Leas bicycle. Real life Tetris. Also we had a clothing auction with wet towels, shirts and underwear […]

  • July 30, Day 17: Cruising through beautiful Bavaria!

    After a night without the tarp, we woke up under the blue sky, ate our daily dose of porridge with view on motivated people in the fitnesscenter and got ready to take off to the center of Wasserburg. Sadly, Daniel had to leave the group today. We had a long goodbye and also some tears. […]