A Festival for the Isel!

At 6:30 in the morning, we woke up with sun shining in our faces and we packed our stuff and broke down the tents for the first time. After breakfast, we took our FIRST STEPS toward Slovenia…only 200 kilometers to go!

RW_Ian_Trafford_Reduced_Day3_009Our first stop was in Prägraten where we prepared everything for our workshops at the Iselfest. The festival was organized by the citizens group working to protect the Isel River, OEAV (Alpine Association) and WWF.

As the kayakers arrived in bright colored boats, the festival officially began.

We organized an info stand and had a stream of visitors who were interested in our trip and asked us lots of questions.

We offered 3 workshops on Land Art, Water Ecology, and “Mit Allen Sinnen” (With all your senses) led by Riverwalk participants.

About one hundred people attended the festival: young and old alike! There was music, local food, and a positive atmosphere. Everyone was having a good time in the warm sun near the flowing Isel. The land art project was a great success.

After a big farewell from the organizers and public, we continued our walk with a shower of applause!

After 2 hours of a beautiful hike along a path in the woods that crossed countless streams flowing down the mountainside, we arrived at the Niedermauern Campground (near Virgen).



After finishing dinner, we watched the rain coming closer and closer and soon we were soaked (again)!


2 thoughts on “A Festival for the Isel!”

  1. We enjoyed getting to meet the WWF RiverWalk Team and Celebrate your Vision! What an inspiring group of young ladies and gentlemen on a great adventure. We thought about you last evening as the rains poured into Virgental; as the Isel roared with recently fallen waters and older liquid melted yesterday from the glaciers that feed the mighty Isel.
    We look forward to your posts & the photos!

  2. All the best on the way. I live in Lienz and always, when I cross the Isel I will send a good wish with the water in your direction.
    The interreligious team of East Tyrol (URI) organizes every year on the bridge over the river meetings with prayers that the water will spread peace on earth .

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