Art created along the way

Here we would like to present some of the works (images, words, songs, etc.) inspired by the rivers along which we walked.

Songs inspired by Riverwalk2015

(written and performed by Staša Mlinar, Ljubljana, Slovenia)


I was walking by the river
it was clearer than the mirror
and inside of it I saw
my reflection and so much more

I can see it in the mountain ridges
I can see it in the forests wide
I can see it in the starry sky
I can see it in the morning light

I’m still walking by the river
grew to my heart, oh, so dearer
but of something I am sure
my reflection… one day…
will be… no more.


All the tears that are pouring down my cheek
Are telling of springs and river deep
Of the trails that we have walked
Of the worries we forgot

But now, although it seems that I’m alone
I’ll keep on walking this road towards my home
To a place of endless stories
To a place of joy and love

So now, you join me on this journey
Journey of your body, mind and soul
So everywhere you go
You’ll find your home

Enjoy every step of your journey
Every step is a new beginning

Poetry inspired by Riverwalk2014


Fluss in dir und Fluss in mir.
Wie du deine Steine rollst
so rollst du auch die meinen fort,
lässt durch mich neue Wasser fließen
vom irgendwo ins nirgends fort.

In deinem ewigen Gebrause
vereinst du wild und ruhig zugleich.
Zeigst mir zu sprühn‘
durch große Muggel erst Kraft und Lebensfreud.
Bist immer neu und doch der selbe,
komm fließe mit mir ohne Ende!

– Lisa Schramböck, Austria


a being like you

Soča , i wish i could be like you.
i wish my deepest point would be like your spring.
surreal and mystic and as full of life and silence that one can’t see any movement.
coming out of millions of years old caves, so clear and full of wisdom.

on my way, i wish i could be like you.
wild and free, independent and completly connected with all my surroundings.
getting life from everything and giving life to everything i touch.
i wish i would be like you, letting the things in my way be like they are, but still changing them slowly through simply going with the flow of my life.

and in the very end, Soča , i wish i could be as open as you are, while flowing into the see.
willing to give up all you individuality, to connect yourself with all the waters of the planet.
Soča, in the end i would like to be part of the whole.
together with you.

– Mirjam Stängl, Austria


Arisen from depth and born in the cracks,
green as anything your eye has seen,
flowing through silence of ethereal,
– just seven years older I could have been.

Kneel to the mother,
let the cold flow through the palms,
the untamed stream oblivious to hearts turning colder,
as one would have never want to be older.
– Eva Seljan, Slovenia


Wild, beautiful river!
What an amazing color you have
You are the home of all fish!
With your incredible force
You shape the rocks that surround you
And nothing can stop you
from rushing down
all the way to the sea.

– Martin Huber, Austria


Vska reka svoja zgodba,
vsak njen del je čudovit.

Lahko je mrzla ali topla,
prek‘ skal deroča al‘ umirjena.

Z energijo, ki jo dobi ob rojstvu,
spreminja svet le sebi v prid.

Ozke reže si poti skoz‘ skale,
široke loke in številne si prek polja naredi.

Materiale prenaša iz kamna, lesa ter smeti,
Ki človek njej jih podari.

V kamninah skrivajo se še hranila,
ki jih rastline črpajo.

Te so hrana za živali
in od tod v hranilni krog.

Če pa ozrem se s človeške perspektive,
skrbi za marsik’ter namen.

Po njej lahko se transportira,
za veslaški šport je poligon.

Ob njej lahko se meditira,
to lajša nam njen stalni zvok in gib.

Korišča njeno potencialno energijo,
s katero on spreminja svet.

Človeška vrsta zdaj je na potezi.
Z orodjem v rokah in znannjem v glavi
lahko spreminja celi svet.

Edina vrsta, ki nadvlada,
edina vrsta, ki ‚ma moč
razdirat vse in vse ustvarit.

Edino nam odgovornost je podana,
edino nam zaupana,
da raznolikost ščitimo po moči svoji
in z njo ohranimo naš edini čudoviti svet.

– Matija Dvoršak, Slovenia

The Rhythm We Follow

42 foot beats…

Drumming in synchronization,
Feeling the movement of the Earth,
And carrying a message in their song.

260 kilometers of time and space…

Climbing over rocky passes and descending into deep valleys,
Turquoise blue, waterfalls plunging into pools, carrying the message of wildness in its song,
Sweat dripping with rain over noses onto trodden ground.

21 unique songs…

Creating harmonies and cacophony alike,
Meet at a river and begin to flow together,
The river she is flowing, let her run free.

– Nathan Spees, Austria

 Gallery of Words – A Visual Summary of Riverwalk 2014

Peter Franz – „I bin a Fluss“ („I am a river“)

Here’s a great tune from a musical friend we met along the way – at the Iselfest: (Top in German, Bottom in English)