Will there be a 2017 Riverwalk?

That’s the question many are asking…

And the answer is, “YES!”  There will be at least 1 major Riverwalk in 2017.  This year, the Riverwalk team will follow the Inn River, 500+ kilometers, from its headwaters in Switzerland, through Tyrol, Austria, and then to Passau, Germany where the Inn meets the Danube.

What’s expected to happen?  3 weeks of action: hiking, rafting, biking over 500 km, awareness raising activities, actions – media events, and more!

What’s happening now?  Right now, we are looking for planning team members from Germany and Switzerland to join up with the Austrian planning team to kick off the planning of all the activities, workshops, events, etc.

Know someone who might be interested? Then, please contact Martin Huber, WWF Österreich, Generation Earth, Tel.: +43 650 677 64 86, martin.huber.austria@gmail.com

Want to organize a Riverwalk of your own?  Need some help getting started!? Get in contact with us and let’s see what can happen!

Don’t just sit there, get Riverwalking!

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