Walk with us! – Join the Riverwalkers to the source of the Inn

Join the Riverwalk team 2017 as they walk to the source of the mighty Inn River!

What:  A hike to the source of the Inn!

When:  Sunday, July 16, 2017

Where/meeting point:  9:30 AM at the tourist office in Maloja (by the bus stop Posta)

Why:  20 young adults from Austria, Germany and Switzerland will be gathering in Maloja to start their 3 week, 500+ kilometer journey from the source to the confluence with the Danube (Germany).  You can help to send them off by joining them as they walk to the source of the Inn.

Details on the hike:  The hike will be an all day event and last from 9:30-17:00. It will ascend 800 meters so please make sure you are conditioned for the hike.  Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear as well. Food and drink will not be provided so please bring sufficent water, food, etc.!

Along the hike, you’ll get a behind the scenes look into the Riverwalk project and gather first-hand information from engaged and motivated river protectors:  WWF staff and Riverwalk participants.

So, join us for a powerful start to this epic journey!  Let’s walk…Riverwalk 2017!

Einladung: Wanderung zur Innquelle

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