There’s still time!!!

It’s not too late!
There’s still time to apply for the (5th) Riverwalk team 2018.
Have you Riverwalked? If you have, you know that it’s life changing!
Where? Along the river Kamp (~150km)
When? 6-18 August, 2018
What? 13 days of hiking through the Waldviertel and following the Kamp River.
Spending time with a group of amazing people – in nature, sleeping under the stars, cooking and living together, walking, biking, swimming…and protecting Europe’s rivers at the same time.
But that’s not all…workshops on personal development such as teambuilding, political engagement, getting active, leadership, conflict resolution, navigation, etc.
Ready to get a little wild?Then, sign up for this year’s Riverwalk!

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