The hot walk up…to Cerem

Thanks to our super guides we started walking at 7.45! But the day actually started one hour earlier with a special breakfast!

While walking on the concrete roads of Kukaj, we stumbled across a local festival called alpine fest. At this event, tourists and local people had fun and we used the occasion to spread the word about our cause.

We left Kukaj and after a walk in the riverbed we started to hike the mountain, it was very hot! We had to stop many times to drink, but at the end we managed to find a nice shady place next to the river and a refreshing swim! Yvonne found a new friend in a butterfly that landed on her nose and followed her for a long time, and everybody got the opportunity to relax a little bit and get refreshed in the creek.

We left the river and headed to Cerem, our next destination. Our heroes prepared the tarp tents and we are all hoping it is not going to rain… fingers crossed!!!

24_07_2016_Riverwalk_JudithK (53)

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