The countdown begins…thanks to so many RW supporters!

As we quickly enter the 1 week countdown when the first steps will be taken for Riverwalk 2016, it is just amazing to see how it’s all coming together!

Can you imagine how many people are involved in the planning and preparation of such a project?!  We’d like to take this moment to thank all those involved…from the beginning preparation to the last minute push!

A special thank you goes out to all our Albanian friends who are doing an amazing job helping make it happen!  Thanks to Emirjeta (& INCA), Catherine & Alfred (your amazing dedication and passion- when do you sleep?), Meivis (jumping in with organizing the Riverfest), Frank (supporting the project), Lauren (will there be an end to the to do list?), Genci (our tracker), Gent (our Shkoder man!), Ilir (and great photos), and Petrit (connecting us to your work). As well, we’d like to mention all the folks and places where we’ll stay who are supporting the project by offering a free or reduced price to stay when we’re passing through!  For example, the crew at Lake Shkoder Resort!

Thank you to the Riverwalk youth planning team! Without you guys, we’d be stuck in the mud!

From Austria, Martin (our fearless leader), Yvonne (video and photo guru), Judith (jumping in to help plan the program), Alexandra (our menu planner!), Beate (for making it happen after it looked “dead in the water”) and Andreas Z (thanks for working on the shirt design). Thanks to Merchzilla for the discount on printing the shirts! And to Verival for the Müsli, Honigwaffeln, and Maiswaffeln, yum!

From Slovenia, Neza and Staša (our power ladies), Tine (his great eye for style), and Mato (from WWF Adria, for your support) and from Italy, Mr. Massimiliano (we missed you on RW15, so super glad your back!), Margehrita (for creative input), Chiara (keeping it live on, and the WWF Trieste crew (Matteo and Sonia).

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I truly apologize and please let me know! 


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