Day 10: Something fishy is going on here!?

After a night of storms we woke up and had a slow morning. This day our schedule was different from others as we started our day with a meeting with Gasper at the hydro powerplant Zadlascica. We had the pleasure to talk in person with the water scientist Dr. Crivelli who told us many interesting facts about the Marble Trout population in Zadlascica. We even saw his colleagues catching some specimen, and they explained the monitoring of the fish. Four lucky volunteers had a chance to learn how to catch a fish in the bucket and throw them into the river. The secret is that it has to be done smoothly, catching the head first. According to Dr. Crivelli the more frequent flooding occurring at the mentioned river is a frightening indicator of the ongoing progression of climate change.

After a power nap in the bus there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us in the camp. It had rained and all of our backpacks and personal belongings were wet. We continued our walking in a good spirit just when the clouds started forming dark shapes in the sky. The walk today was slow, the flat paved path took us through small villages and picturesque scenery of foggy hills. During the pilgrimage we stopped at the church where a famous Slovenian poet Simon Gregorcic is buried.

Our day is finishing in Camp Gabrje, with a nice background of music from the bar and a tasty smell of cooking dinner… now I have to go get some food! Mjammmi  (Yummy!)

We fell asleep under our dry tents to the sound of falling rain and thunder in the background.  Good night!

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