Riverwalkers begin their walk!

Wow. The first hiking day is now behind us and it was simply amazing!

We spent the night before sleeping under the stars, because we needed to take down the tarps to pack them so we could get up as early as possible. In the early morning some of the team went for a cool swim in the lake, before most of us even got up. After the breakfast we had packed the last of our things we would need the following days. We all piled into 2 4×4 minibuses that brought us up into the mountains, from where we hiked out to a summit and then down into Teth. It was quite a hot day so we had to take a lot of stops for drinking. Along the way we saw two horned vipers and bear claw marks on the trees, “un”fortunately we did not meet a bear itself. We enjoyed the view on the top and took a break for a lunch. The nature was beautiful, but we lost the trail going downhill and thus it prolonged our hike for a couple of hours. The trail was quite dangerous and pretty steep at some points. Finally, we  found the trail and safely descended into Theth. To get to our housing in Theth at Pauvin Polia’s guesthouse, we had to cross the Shala River barefoot, where, a brave souls took a bath in the icy cold water. We arrived and were warmly welcomed at Bujtina Polia where we enjoyed a tasty dinner that the resort staff had prepared for us.

Now, its 5 minutes past 10 pm, and we are freezing outside writing this blog and we should really go to sleep, since a much tougher hike awaits us tomorrow.

Good night and happy trails by Team Mama!

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