Riverwalk Action Days Vol 1 “Lebendiger Kamp”

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We are back in business!!! Some of our riverwalkers supported last weekend´s protest action against a new project by EVN at the 100-year-old power plant close to Rosenburg. The company is planning to replace the old site by a new, bigger power plant which would affect the ecology in the already protected Natura 2000 area negatively. Invited by the local citizens group “Lebendiger Kamp”, 8 people from our crew (Austrian RW Team and Generation Earth) traveled to Rosenburg am Kamp and participated in the guided tour to the existing power plant. Over 150 people took part in this hike and were even joined by the press (ORF).

After the event, we decided to explore the area around the power plant and hiked up to a massive rock called “Hängender Stein”. Only Yvonne and Stefan, our guide, dared to climb up the last boulder wall right below the top. Well done! Later, we headed back to Rosenburg and enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant. While half of our crew took the train back to Vienna, four of us stayed overnight at the well-hidden Hammerschmiede in Stiefern am Kamp. Following a never-ending gravel road, we finally made it to our residence.

After Stefan showed us our comfortable bed room, he invited us to come visit his friend Christian who has been living in a tipi for seven years now. Of course, we were all excited to meet this fantastic man! Christian welcomed us in his comfortable home, furnished with only the most important necessities: a bonfire in the middle, a bed, food, ukuleles, firewood, etc. After a long day of story-telling and happy moments we finally went to bed.

Next morning Stefan showed us the farm and its animals: chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, etc. Then, Christian tought us how to do archery like a pro 🙂 After having some tea we hit the road again, although stopping at a friend of Yvonne in Zöbing who invited us to come over for coffee and cake. Nothing more one could wish for, right?

To sum up, these first so-called “Riverwalk-Action Days” were a big success!!! Big thanks to Stefan and his family as well as Christian for such an amazing experience and their wonderful hospitality!!!

Let´s continue our story 🙂

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