July 14, Day 1: Riverwalk 2017 takes off!

We, Max, Daniel, Daniela, Jasmin, Martin & Nina who had already arrived with the WWF van yesterday evening, started the day with breakfast (who would have guessed that!?). The night was dry and no one got wet. So, being too lazy to set up our tarps wasn´t a bad mistake and sleeping under the stars paid off! Before midday we began setting up the tarps while we were waiting for the others to arrive. By now (21:00) we’re still missing 7 people. Anyways, Maloja and the campsite we’re staying at motivates us to explore the amazing landscape around us: mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and the „wetlands“. By the way, the ground is pretty wet…

Quote of the day: “How do we stay dry while sleeping?”

We’re looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew and having our „Team-Day“ tomorrow. Why are we all here? What are our expectations? What could be the potential challenges on our 24 days from the spring here in Maloja to the confluence in Passau?

Later, we’ll get an overview over the whole project by the WWF representatives from Switzerland and Austria, Angelika Abderhalden and Elisabeth Sötz, and we’ll hear about the potentials for river preservation along the Inn.

Now, we´re all sitting at the bonfire, super excited about embarking on our adventure and hopefully see you on our first hike to source of the Inn on July 16!

Stay tuned!


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