Arrival into Dragobia…and the river crossing

Are you curious… thank you guys for keeping your fingers crossed – it didn’t rain although lightening was observed during the night by the outdoor sleepers! An early breakfast gave us the energy to leave Cerem already at 7 in the direction of Dragobi. Some thunder rumbles and rain drops gave us company during the first steps on the road down to the Valbona Valley. As we arrived at the bottom of the valley, the spirit of the Riverwalk showed us its face:   The river had to be crossed and the only available structure was a wooden bridge in really bad shape – again. A lot wiser from the previous experience the group decided to cross the river in the classical, good old way, which was the shallowest and least dangerous part of the Valbona River. Helping each other and working together, we reached the other side and the way towards Dragobi was free! 1 hour later, 19 backpacks + 19 exhausted riverwalkers were streched out on a picturesque pasture just next to the village Dragobi. It didn’t take us long to grab some food and have a refreshing lunch break down at the turquoise splish-splash-waves.

Back in the village we got to work to prepare for the coming 3 day long “Riverfest”: setting up tarps, building benches, tables and even toilets, as well as a camping kitchen corner.

After dinner, we sat around the newly built fire until the pitter patter of rain drops began… we all quickly ran to the tarps just in time as a massive rain storm began. Waves of rain poured down, lightening flashed across the sky and the echo of thunder competed with the sound of heavy rain on the tarps.  It lasted at least 45 min and some of us remained drier than others!  It was exciting to say the least.

25_07_2016_Riverwalk_JudithK (9)

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