July 26, Day 13: It´s raining – man – it´s raining

When we all woke up it already started raining. As usually we had porridge for breakfast. After we packed our stuff and all the tarps, we stood in a circle in order to speak about the day.

We were already very wet, when we started our bike tour. We changed our plans and instead of going to another camp ground, we went to a shooting range near Kufstein, where we are going to stay for two nights now.

The 45 kilometers to Kufstein were really hard because it was raining the whole time. Nevertheless we didn´t lose our motivation and were really fast in Kufstein. Although the weather was bad nobody got sad and everybody kept similing.

When we arrived the car drivers were already at the shooting ranch and started to prepare tea and lentils for us. After most of us changed into warm clothes, we started to build up our tarps. Today our tarp is very special. You can see it on todays photos.

Our lunch was ready when we finished building and we think it never tasted that good. It also warmed us from the inside. And then Nate, group leader of the past three Riverwalks, surprised us with his visit. Now we are playing cards, give each other a massage and just chill the rest of the day. Our mood is pretty good, although we are still looking forward to having drier and sunnier days.

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