July 25, Day 12: „Cold hands, warm hearts“

After a restday in Innsbruck and the very informative “Wild Rivers Film Night” with Tobias Schäfer from “GRÜNE LIGA” we had enough new energy to start Day 12 at 6 o’clock in the morning. The reason for getting up that early was a meeting with local journalists at the Inn river in the center of Innsbruck. Toni Vorauer, a WWF-River expert, joined us on the first kilometres of our trip. We arrived perfectly on time with our rafting boats, gave some interviews and handed over our collected water from the source of the Inn in our beautfifully coloured bottles to representatives of the city of Innsbruck and the Alpine Convention. After a storm of photo flashes and interview we continued our long journey (about 37 km) on the Inn River. During our raft we did funny things like trying to make a willy and flipping the boats, as the rafting tour itself was not that exciting. Furthermore we did something more senseful: We were swimming after plastic and other rubbish that was floating on the river. Even at the little beach where we had our lunch break, we cleaned up and had three bags of litter in the end (quite a lot for that size of the beach). But we also kept doing silly things. During our cleanup we found some T – shirts. Jure and Martin decided to try to find out if they have potential for being a model (We think they do!! Have a look at the pictures).

The next challenge was to stop on the very narrow exit of our rafting tour. And together with our amazing guides we made it. Now we are on the next nice campground. People are having hot showers to warm themselves up after a long day in the cold water. Some of us still have cold hands, but luckily we have warm hearts due to everything we have achieved and experienced so far.

Today was our last day of rafting. During the time on the rafting boats the group has grown together even more and we have new motivation to continue our journey on the bikes tomorrow.


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