July 18, Day 5: Canoeing & Biking with Lucas Barth!

We luckily woke up at a dry camping place, something we don´t take for granted since spending a few nights in the wet bog that the camping Maloja was. We were able to make our breakfast in a real kitchen, again something we really began to appreciate. The group had an exciting day ahead as we split in two parts, one that began with cycling and the other one with canoes. The canoe group first had some training with Lucas Barth from Kanuschule Scuol before going down the river for a great ride and meeting the others (who got there with bikes) in Madulain for switching from the canoes to the bikes. We are really thankful for Lukas, who offered to do the whole canoe trip for free which came in really handy and we would love to recommend his school to everyone who would like to do some canoeing or kayaking in such a beautiful surrounding. After the second part of the group had their turn on the river, the group got together S-Chanf and continued for 15 km with bikes. It was our first real bike ride on the Riverwalk and we had some problems on the steep parts but in the end we all managed to get to Zernez where we will spend our night on a dry and flat camping ground, a true rarity so far. Only two days until we hit the Austrian border. Time flies!

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