July 17, Day 4: Hiking along the lakes

Our last night at Camping Maloja had come to a freezing end but as the sky was blue and the sunbeams stopped (most of) us from dreaming, we enjoyed the breakfast on the wet ground (as always wet).

The wet tarps could easily dry in the first warmth, just like our feet. To prepare ourself for the long hiking day we came together in a circle to find out about today´s challenge of moving 25 km by foot. Following the big lakes Silser, Silvaplana and St. Moritz we got to know the Inn river in its very first meters. On our way we encountered waterfalls with landart in front, a small village with rustic old houses combined with modern windows and the very first power plant of our next 517 km. Our van drivers bought our supplies for the next two days and provided us with lunch on our way. During lunch some of our group got interviewed by a local journalist. The longer we were moving on our feet, the more they were hurting, but we managed to motivate ourselves with jokes, singing, language crash courses and profound conversations. By the amount of people who sank down at the camp ground you could tell it was quite a journey. And…guess what! … We are already prepared for tomorrow! The typical Swiss dinner „Älpler Magroni“ gave us back our energy and the bikes have already arrived.


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