July 16, Day 3: Frozen feet and sunburnt faces ;)

After a very cold night where we all got frozen feet, the day started early with sunshine and a lot of porridge. The plan for today is to visit the spring of the river Inn and fill some self-designed bottles as a present to supporters of the Riverwalk.

Elisabeth from the WWF Austria and Anita from WWF Graubünden joined us. Before we started our tour a women from a Rhaeto-Romanic radio interviewed some of us.

Then the beautiful hiking could begin. It was our first hike and took us some time to find a common speed. After some time we found our group pace and arrived altogether happily at the lake. We also managed to make fantastic photographs and videos.

Fascinating were the different flowers and rocks, mountains of green granit and the mountain lake.

We splitted the group too often, because some wanted to go to the peak, the spring, stay at the lake or go back to the camp. It lead to difficulties but we all found back to the camp.

In the evening sun we enjoyed barley soup and prepaired for the next day.

We changed our frozen feet to sunburnt faces.

Now we will go to the bonfire, celebrate the last night in Maloja with stickbread and look back on our exciting first hiking


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