July 15, Day 2: Team building and group forming

After a really cold night we woke up and enjoyed the beautiful weather that held up for the whole day. Some of us started with a jump into the wonderful, yet extremely cold lake while others preferred a cup of hot coffee. The whole group started the program with some getting-to-know-each-other-games on a beautiful mountain meadow in company of a few curious cows. We also welcomed a few new participants from Switzerland that joined us right at  lunch time. After the lunch we met two journalists that took a few photos and did some interviews with the participants. Angelika and Elisabeth from WWF CH and WWF AT provided us with some very interesting background information on what´s currently happening at the Inn river. We did some more name games to welcome Michèle and Franzi. We also formed the family groups and explained their roles. Now we are just cooking a delicious dinner and getting ready for the next day. We are all very excited for tomorrow´s hike to the mountain lake where the Inn river starts. Starting from there we will hike, bike and raft all the 517 kilometers from Maloja to Passau in Germany for the next three weeks. Whoohoo!


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