July 29, Day 16: Here comes the sun :D

How sun changes mood and gives everyone a smile even in the morning before breakfast. We guess, or at least it feels like that, it was the first sunny day after two weeks. Already in the night the wildest slept under the stars without the tarp. Others were proud because they learnt how to built a tarp and finally had the feeling to deserve sleeping under their self-made-tarp.

Since we left the Austrian Alps we discovered a totally different landscape in Bavaria: FLAT. Also we observed the new very sad river which turned into a dead flow. It looked like a brownish brew. We remembered how we swam in that river, now we can’t even imagine washing our vegetables in it.

We cycled a very long flat, dry and hot path along the levee of the Inn. Although we had two flat tyres (on the same bike!), we reached our lunch point at 2 pm at a beautiful lake in a nature preserve. Apparently, we were not used to bike over 35 km in hot weather anymore, so once we had eaten our sandwiches most of us fell asleep on the pier.

Altogether we rode 50 km to arrive at our final destination. Surprisingly, it is not a camp site, it is the backyard of a sports center. The night is still young and we might go to the center of Wasserburg later.

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