Easy hike to Kukaj…

Today, we started our hike up to Kukaj pretty late in the day as we had a cosy bonfire with music and storytelling the night before. Furthermore, we had to figure out the plan and the logistics for the next few days. Finally, we agreed that Nate would drive the van to Valbona while the others would hike up to the arranged Kukaj Family Guesthouse and then he’d hike up and we’d meet him there. From the dry riverbed of Valbona river we ascended quickly and reached the tiny mountain village (of 2-3 families) and guesthouse sooner than we had expected.

Constantly hard-working, the Riverwalkers went right into brainstorming ideas for possible workshops to offer our guests at the Riverfest in Dragobia. We are really looking forward to having a lot of fun with them!!!

After a well-deserved lunch break, we hiked up to a little creek flowing down from the surrounding mountains of Kukaj. Enthusiastic about finding a little pool to swim in – the first one after the icy cold Shala River – we were finally pursuing our biggest passion again. We found the pool that the owner of the guesthouse had described as well as a setup for a sweat lodge.  As soon as we arrived, people started jumping into the cool, mountain water while several paparazzis tried to get their best shots. Somehow the group got into the flow and started building amazing pieces of land art around the location…for others to enjoy in the future!

Unfortunately, this Riverwalk does not go without injuries and Gent fell while doing one of his stunt shows, the “flying bonanza!,” and had to go to “local hospital” to get his injuries attended to, but by now, he has already returned…stronger than before?! and he is looking forward to having dinner with us.

Stay tuned as the wildest Riverwalk ever continues…

23_07_2016_Riverwalk_WWFcamera (18)

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