Final steps of Riverwalk 2014 – Until the next journey begins

It marked the end of a great journey.

We gathered one last time on a sandy bank of the Soča River – the turquoise water rushed loudy by on its way down to the sea carrying its message of “wildness” and freedom.  The rivers we followed filled us with similar yearnings.  As we stood in our last group circle and passed the small stone sculpture we received at the Iselfest (nearly two weeks ago), each member of the Riverwalk team had a chance to speak out about his/her experience. It was clear that it had touched us in so many different and profound ways and a clear thankfulness for our time together was heard. The words, “family,” “adventure,” “thankful,” and “deep connections” kept echoing in the group’s words.

We poured the water from the Isel and the Soča spring together while thinking of how the journey had changed us. Then, one by one, we walked to the river, each with a small handful of water, and while letting it fall back into the river, made a silent commitment to the rivers and nature.

Eva then led us through an activity called, “Strongback” where we wrote short messages on the backs (on paper) of the group – messages that could be read on the journey home.

While the Riverwalk I project ends here, our journeys continue and we clearly hear the call of the river and are ambassadors for these rivers now. When asked if we would be willing and ready to stand up for the rivers in the future, a definite, “We’re in!” rose out.

Thanks to all who walked, thanks to all who followed and supported us!  Thanks to the rivers and amazing areas where we connected to. A-ho!Riverwalk_IanTrafford_lastGroupPhoto

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