Our last day together

While writing this, we’re gathered around a campfire – our last one of our trip! Looking into the dancing flames, making music and singing!

Watching the flames, our whole journey flashes through our minds again. The first day when we met in East Tyrol, we were just 20 “strangers” – individual participants and now, over the last 2 weeks, we have developed into a circle of friends, who care for each other and learn from each other. We’re bound through memories now; that nobody can take away from us. So many beautiful days we’ve spent together.

Today, for example, was a very enjoyable one. We started off with an abundant breakfast, as always, and then we devoted ourselves to the preparation work for an art project and presentation of our adventure in downtown Bovec. Press would come, the mayor would welcome us, and we would be part of a larger “Save the Soca” art exhibition of photos from the river.

We worked like crazy to put a good “performance” together. We practiced the music, swung our pencils into action, and shot new and selected the “best of” photos for a slideshow. Check out some of the works that came out of our hard work – click here! With our packs slung on our backs, we set off to Bovec. We were received with a warm-hearted welcome and some traditional music on the accordian. Then, we were officially welcomed by the mayor of Bovec, followed by Irena (Save the  Soca) who explained the importance of protecting the Soca for now and future generations and the photographer explained how she selected her photos.

Then it was our turn, to give something back and try to let others experience our project and the magical rivers with which we connected. We combined music, pictures, poems and speeches and made a little performance out of it. The crowd applauded at our performance and peppered us with questions afterwards. Good food was our reward: at first at a local food buffet (cheeses, breads, etc.) and then some delicious pizza. Thank you, Christoph for treating us to a great meal! It was another great day and finishing it with the campfire now feels so right.

As they say, 0ne journey has ended and a new one is just about to begin. We are all sitting here with mixed feelings, I imagine. Wanting to hold on to the good times and yet ready to get back to a real bed 🙂 .

It was a fantastic and one-of-a-kind experience, thanks for making it all happen Riverwalkers!  Thanks to our sponsors, funders, and supporters who’ve made it all possible. Let us know what you think!  Please leave us a comment.

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