The circle of the water

RW_KatjaK_Day11_Reduced (1)With getting up at 05:00 o clock, leaving at 06:30, being on the way for 12 hours, included 1100 high meters uphill, we gave all we could today to reach the Soča finally.

We are getting to know the Triglav National Park, the landscape is exciting and impressive all the time. The mountains are giants, the water flows free and the vegetation seems to be really diverse and the smell in the air reminds us of fairy tales.


Together we did a great job climbing the highest mountain of our journey; we found a really good group pace and reached the top before 12:00 o clock! We also experienced finally how efficient we can be in the morning if we all help together and it made us really proud. We are in the “flow” now…

In the afternoon we visited the spring of the Soča. It’s a seriously impressive place. The Soča flows right out of a mountain cave, you can see a deep blue hole, looking totally surreal. The water is ice cold and as clean so that you can hardy see any movement. We filled some of the water in a bottle, to do a little water ceremony when we arrive in Bovec, as we are still carrying water from the Isel with us. While just feeling the place of the spring, I got the feeling that that’s a really sacred place. I felt really disturbed by all the people around there. I wonder if we humans lost the connection to listen to the wisdom of nature and react to it, and I wonder how we can find this connection again…

Today, nature was really with us, we had really comfortable, cool weather for our hike up, and the thunderstorm in the afternoon waited for us to be back from the spring to start… Still we got really wet, but the water for the rivers needs to come from somewhere, right?

Now we are drying at a wonderful campfire, and then will try to get a great sleep to reload our energy to explore the Soča tomorrow!

What a Day!

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