Ups and Downs!

Has it really been ten days?? Time really flies when you Riverwalk! The end of the Austrian part of the journey is coming to an end.

RW_(c)IanTrafford_Day10_Reduced (2)Guess what came after cleaning up the campfire and the backyard of the farm house in Krass where a lovely family let us stay?

More biking. A lot of biking. And have we mentioned biking? Nearly 40 km of sunny flat terrain, with a view of austrian landscape.

RW_(c)IanTrafford_Day10_Reduced (1)Though it was not in the original plan, our photographer sacrificed his face to selflessly raise awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet when biking.

After lunch and a quick jump in the Gail River, we got a tiny bit lost and nearly ended up on the motorway! Oops … in the forest we connected to Alpe Adria trail and the longest ten kilometres later we reached a friendly farm/guesthouse in Neuhaus (Gasthaus Oitzl). After heaving the bikes on the back of the trailer and settling down, we met the newest member of the Riverwalk team – Daniel, from Lower Austria, will join us for the reamaining days of the project…the Slovenian part.

While we tried to stay focused on planning the route and the morning routine, cuddly kittens, piglets, a bunny rabbit and not to mention the lambs kept distracting us! But we did it.The plan for the next day is made: rise at 6:00, leave at 8:30!

Some ice cream and a hot potato soup later we are getting ready to curl up inside our sleeping bags with the sound of a guitar playing in the background. Goodnight!

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