Day 9: Hiking along and across the Soča

Our day started with very wet weather. However, by now we were already really used to the fast weather changes here in Slovenia. Right after the cooking crew had finished the preparations for breakfast and people began filling their bowls with porridge, it literally rained cats and dogs. First, the farmer’s cat showed up and attracted the attention of most of us. Later, when the farmer came down to us and wished us farewell, her dog was eager to catch the stick. By then, the sun was finally out and we were ready to hike downstream along the Soča to Kobarid.

After a while the guiding group of the day asked the others to make an important decision. There were two options at hand: either proceeding on the marked trail or crossing the river in order to reach the bike trail on the other side of the Soča. Due to the very strong wishes for one or the other option, most of us took the risk and dared to cross the river in the Alaskian style. In groups of 4 or 5, the people used their hiking sticks to hold the balance while walking through the water. An amazing experience!!!

Later the two groups reunited at the bridge in Srpenica and had lunch at the gorgeous rock formations in Trnovo. The turquoise water combined with the big rocks and the sandy beach kept us busy, even during the break 😀 Finally, the group reached Kobarid without any problems and once the tarps were put up and dinner was ready, the next thunderstorm came down on us. Anyways, we work well together!!!

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