Day 8 we all live in a yellow submarine

The morning awaits us without rain, the hope to get sunshine soon and a nice breakfast gathering. Our wild camping ground offers us a lot of benefits and also some complications. Some got the chance to ride the horses nearby our place and therefore had a really great start of the day. But wild camping also made us thinking about our basic needs. For example: getting water from the river for twenty people, or what to without the toilet.

 We were all looking forward to kayaking and being on the river. So we were picked up by a bus, that brought us to the river Soča. After a quick safety introducion we all jumped in our power ranger outfits and a few minutes later we were on the river. Some of us also made the great experience to be in the river. UPPALA 🙂 Especially the italians wanted to make this experience.

After returning to the camping place we were surprised by the rain, but that didn’t stop us from flyfishing in the fog. We had caught some fish, but we threw them back so that they could enjoy the river. In the evening, after a huge dinner we played a nice game. Because: all you need is love, ta ta tarata ta…

And it goes like this: one started with the energyball, where passing it to somebody else and saying something nice to him/her or something that makes this person special.

And now: everybody sing a song, duda duda dei… 🙂


And also: Good night, buona notte, lahko noč and gute Nacht!

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