Day 7 goodbye Italy, hello Slovenia!

Today’s hike also took place following the street. Now we know what a pleasure there is walking on the forest paths, covered with stones and leaves. But the distance we had to cover (at least 8km) wasn’t too long and we took a long break at Učja river. The river flows into the Soča River and is actually threatened by a hydropower plant. We talked about politics and how to raise the awareness about the smaller stream which is not really useable for tourism because of its deep and shaded canyon. (Maybe you’ve got some good ideas?!)

After a short workshop how to work with the press, we arrived at the Soča river and our campsidt for the next 2 days. In the afternoon we had some free time (which was really needed) to go swimming, do a group massage and get to the only bar in the small village Žaga.

During supper we could already see the lightning and the thunderstorm and it arrived exactly after finishing eating. That caused a nice, warm and tight sit in the tarptents. Afterwards we had a good “council” listening circle which connected us as a group even more.

So we managed the “humpday” (the most challenging day for groups, Nate said) perfectly and went satisfied to bed.


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