Day 6 walking and waiting


After spending a very nice and comfortable sleep at the ex – military quarters, we kept the military spirit and woke up at 6:00. We had a long day in front of us. Eating our breakfast and warming up, we successfully left the military quarters at 8:00. Our walk mostly took place on a road, which we had to share with ocasionally passing cars, which resulted in our screaming to each other: ‘car!’ Which reminded me of the hals candies where the main star screams ‘hals!’ after eating a hals bonbon.

Surprisingly enough we reached our goal one hour faster than we estimated. This resulted in waiting for the van which held all the food needed for lunch. While waiting, we played a funny hide and seek game, which resulted in us running across the street and crouching down to the ground. This seemed quite funny to the motorbikers passing by up to the point where they stopped to grasp the meaning of the game. Which they did. In the end.

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch of some broken tortillas, beans, smoked tofu and cheese. After that we proceeded to our final destination, which was reached in late afternoon hours. There we found the car nicely parked very close to the river. Almost in the river actually.

We also discovered that the camp ground was quite wet. And stoney. But in the end we all squeezed inside.

Before we went to sleep we made an epic campfire, where we sang campfire songs and played the Werewolf game. But more about the game next time… it’s quite late and watery here. Nighty night folks.


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