Day 5: The walk goes on…

After an amazing full-moon night everybody woke up alive, unafraid of the terrible taily-booooone (what is it, by the way?)! The sun rose and the mountains shone in their beauty,  greating the Riverwalkers (or Mountainwalkers?).
After an evening debate we improved our group skills and managed to be punctual for the first time!!!! 😀
Riverwalk_Day5_015We started our trail and after one hour and a half we reached the nearest point to the sky of this Riverwalk, 1200 metres above the sea level! Here we greated the sun and stretched with Aris and Mana, our first workshop for the day… do you want to know something about the second one??? Reaaaally practical!
Nate was prepared to share his experience with us: how to shit in the woods!! If you want to make the perfect shit in the forest you need to follow the “4Ds rule”, distance, depth, drainage and decent view! And what if it doesn’t help?? There are 4 fantastic positions that will help you (and your partner?!?)…. but if you want to know them, you will have to become a Riverwalker 😉
After a very long downhill walking we were debating about wether to go to the waterfalls or going to the hostel to have lunch. Maybe we still have to work on decision making… The group split up and the ones that remained at the waterfalls took too many pictures in the freezing water!! Our hair was drying from the waterfall’s wind, and to make things perfect we lay on beautiful white rocks and relaxed…!
The group gathered again around the food in an extrafancy hostel with military beds and marble floor. After washing our clothes we played Ninja and discovered that Gaia is the Ninja goddes, what made Andrea and Nathan feel endangered. They united their manly forces against a goddes, we will soon see what the consequences will be…
We then split again, some went to sleep, some had a cold military shower and others had a very interesting stalking workshop. We discovered that Sergio has a perfect hearing and everything was going well untill a typical italian old man wanted to remind us that we were on his private property… luckily he didn’t have a gun!
Dinner is done, our bellies are full but we are still complicating about our future menus!! Wine has helped us to get to an agreement and to end our day together in a fantastic circle where everybody expressed his/her favourite moment during these amazing five days together! 🙂
See you tomorrow!

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