Day 2: energy and moonlight


Good morning everybody! After our first successful test of the sleeping bags we are ready to start… with the breakfast!

Our bellies full and our ideas for the workshops ready, we started the day. The first workshop took place at the lake where we had the most amazing view of the scenery. We had to face a very difficult decision: out of three very interesting workshops we only had time to choose two. The workshops topics were: how to set up a tarp tent, how to read a map and orientate and lastly how to give first aid.

After the hard decision done, we cooled down in the lake, when we had some spare time. Because swimming burns a lot of callories (girls thumbs up!), we were starving, and were happily rescued by our cooking team, which this time decided to serve us with a delicious exotic couscous salad. Yummy!

What followed was the walk (the first walk together as a group!) to the Som Plago hydro power plant, where we had an exiting tour with an excellent Italian translator (who also happens to be the manager of the powerplant).

At the powerplant we were warmly welcomed and given some nice souvenirs and a lot of coloured helmets! We first went through the main entrance where we had a short presentation about how the powerplant actually works. Afterwards we moved inside the underground tunnels with the water pipes and huge electric cable cords. The electric power running through these cables is much higher than the voltage we have in our houses! We were shown how the cable looks from inside out (they used paper and oil in the old times instead of plastic!) Then the construction hall was shown to us.

What followed was the tour around the gigantic turbines, which were steady and did not make noise. (We were given earplugs in case if they would be turned on. Thankfully they weren’t.) What positively surprised us in the end of the tour was the decorated interior of the powerplant. They even had a fresco, that was showing the visitor the whole history of Friuli Venezia Giulia up to the middle ages.


When we came back, we had a lot of exciting team building activities. First we experienced how the decision making is in theory. After that we played a game to prove our decision making skills in practise. At the game we had two islands. All of us were standing at the same island and had to go to the other one. We got one pair of magic shoes. Everybody could use the shoes just one time to reach the other island. So we ended up carrying all of us around and learning important things about decision making.


We ended the day with a water ceremony at the lake in the moonlight. This made us feel our connection to each other and to ourselves.


We gave our wishes and hopes to the group.

We gave our wishes and hopes to ourselves.

And now with our wishes and hopes in mind we go to sleep.



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