July 28, Day 15: Third week, third country :) Guten Tag, Deutschland!

We woke up after a rainy night in Kufstein and enjoyed looking at the sky as it was slowly turning blue suggesting that we will have some nice weather. The cooking team prepared a wonderful breakfast and we enjoyed it while feeling the sun on our skin again after such a long time. We were surprisingly quick to pack everything and to clean the place up before leaving for a meeting with the press in the old centre of Kufstein. After some pictures, Beatrix, our new guest-walker, joined us and we had a quick name game to welcome her. We soon took off on our bikes to Germany, sadly the weather was not like we wished for and we soon got wet again. The river changed its lively mountain flow for a slow lazy movement between two dams on its sides and it was a sad sight. The ride was relaxed and short with a nice snack break in between before we reached our first campground in Germany in the early afternoon so we had plenty of time to chill in the sun, have a tarp building workshop, go swimming, take a shower and have some deep discussions about everything and nothing at the same time. We are now looking forward to a delicius dinner in the sun and a dry night. Meet us on our bike tour to Wasserburg tomorrow!


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