Along the turqouise “Queen of the Alps”

RW_(c)IanTrafford_2014_day13 (2)Today we woke up to a beautiful clear morning and brought the sun out with a mornging song that we sang (Annette you are with us!).

Tired from the day before, we started the last part of our journey, the 25 kilometers long path, along the Soča river. The river’s color kept us gaping in wonder. As we dripped in sweat we could only think about jumping into the icy cold water.


The Soča rushed down between gorges and turquoise pools, singing its song to us as we moved along its banks.

After an hour of walking, we emerged from a wooded area into an open field and decided to take a group photo. Then, we started our “solo walk”: we spread out into a long line and walked together but kept a significant distance between one another to be alone with our thoughts and to reflect on the past two weeks. Some walked for 2-2,5 hours others for a shorter while.  We were asked to write down our thoughts, a poem, and a word that reflected our time during Riverwalk.

At lunch time, we all gathered at the river to “taste” the chilly Soča, some with our mouths, some with just feet and others who jumped into the water.

Here we again met with Irena and Christoph. From here we began the hike toward the camp where we will spend the last two days. We were lucky enough to walk in a cloudy weather, but Bovec was determined to show itself in all its colours. As we arrived, we saw dark black clouds moving quickly down the valley and as we were quickly setting up tarps, a drenching rain began.  We prepared a warm meal under a cooking tarp and could barely wait for the warm couscous and veggies.

What to do when the night falls and the rain won’t stop? Play games – a round of werewolf kept us howling and warm!

Night night 🙂

2 thoughts on “Along the turqouise “Queen of the Alps”

  1. Hey,
    i can´t believe that it´s almost done! i´ve got the feeling that you guys left the iselfelst just yesterday. congratulations for this beautiful blog with all this great pictures. i think that your efforts are well worth it, any one who follows the riverwalk virtually will get an insight that joining forces for the protection of nature is cool an can be fun too.
    i´d love to see my kids on a hike like this one day too (honestly, not only my kids but also myself :),
    um abraco, as they say in brasil (a hug!) and greetings to our slovenian partners. can´t wait to see soca in real on our team-days in september

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