Better late than never!

The plan for today was to cross the Wurzenpass – Korensko sedlo, and of course, the border between Austria and Slovenia. To do that we agreed on an early rise. We woke up at 6 o´clock, packed our backpacks, ate the breakfast and then started walking.

We also welcomed a new face into our group- Aljaz and had to let one of ours go free- goodbye Anette, all the best!!

Right from the start we were divided in two groups. Some of us wanted to get some oil, which, according to the housewife of the farm where we were staying, can heal practically everything! We met a really nice woman who showed us her shop and then drove us some way up the pass, so we actually had a chance of catching the others. Well, sadly, that didn´t happen until the top!

After absorbing the spectacular view on the top, in Kreiberg, we continued towards the border. We enjoyed eating lunch on Slovenian grounds and then had fun with a pop quiz based on facts about Kranjska gora and its´people.

During the descent we met a whole zoo!! A horse, some cows and an ostrich. There were also lots of spiders!

When we arrived to the camp we decided to go for a swim in lake Jasna. The water was very clear and beautiful but also very cold. After that we treated ourselves to some well deserved ice-cream –YUM!!



5 thoughts on “Better late than never!

  1. Hey, my lovely riverwalkers!
    It was such a pleasure staying with u … unfortunately just for a few days! I really enjoyed beeing surrounded by such a motivated and awesome team. I wish u a great onward journey and a beautiful time in the Soca Valley!
    Hope to catch up again sometime!
    Thanks a lot for all!!! U do an awesome job!
    Big hug to everyone!
    xxoo Judith

  2. Dobrodošli v Sloveniji, dragi mladi popotniki Riverwalk-a 2014 in srečno do cilja! Najlepša hvala za prekrasne fotografije, video posnetke in spremno besedilo – tako smo vaš pohod po teh čudovitih krajih lahko doživljali in uživali vsak dan skupaj. Lepa ideja in dobro delo – bravo Nathan! Čestitke VSEM pohodnikom in lepe pozdrave iz bele Ljubljane!

  3. Hey!
    I loved the trip with all of you so much!!
    Miss you a lot!! – Sitting here in a lot of paperwork, the nature trip with you was much more fun than that!! ; ) <3 But on the other hand it feels good to can help out here. Thanks for letting me go.
    Wow – i love that great group photo!! That charisma and love in there! It reminds me of that awesomly awesome goodbye you gave me!! Can't remember something comparable!!
    I crossed my fingers for you for the ascent and all, and obviously you made it; 1100m up with weight, awesome!! I wish you fantastic time off and stay at the soca, you deserve it!!! Have lots of fun!!
    Wooooow how i love and miss you all! =)
    Feel hugged and lots of love

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