Riverwalk 2020: Glaciers, rivers and a mega powerplant

Imagine standing in a pristine Alpine valley in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps.  The blue sky above, crisp mountain air surrounds you, the glaciers glistening in the afternoon sun, the sound of a rushing river meandering between meadows of alpine flowers and gravel bars, mountain goats (Gämse) balance and run across a scree filled mountainside.

Nice, huh?

…and suddenly your idyllic moment is destroyed by the sound of bulldozers, cement mixers, and heavy machinery.  Starting to erect a wall of concrete the height of St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Sounds like a nightmare?

Well guess what… It could be reality.

Sometimes no matter what you do, the annoying thing just won’t go away!

Sometimes it feels like one’s job never ends and it can take years and years, blood, sweat and tears…and many people with different perspectives (including ages) and from diverse backgrounds to reach a goal.  The goal is not new.  For more than 5 years, various organizations and local citizens groups have been fighting to prevent a MEGA DAM project in the Ötztal-Kaunertal area that would forever alter the beauty of the area, impact wildlife, threaten water resources and affect local populations dramatically – all in the name of “green energy.” In the meantime, we all know that the term has been twisted and turned to fit the needs of a few and leave the rest of us and the environment, well, screwed!

(C) C.Praxmarer_Oetztalerache
(C) C.Praxmarer_Oetztalerache
(C) C.Praxmarer_Oetztalerache

Thus, the aim of the next Riverwalk 2020.  We will join forces with local groups and other organizations to bring focus and gather youth support for the protection of the Ötztal-Kaunertal natural protection areas and last-remaining free-flowing rivers!  Join us when we walk along these beautiful streams and raise our voice for their protection! Interested in getting involved in the planning and helping out?  Send us an email info@generationearth.at