The Austrian Riverwalk video is now live!

We’re happy to annouce that the official Riverwalk 2018 video following the 13 day journey of the Riverwalk-Austria team as they hiked and biked through the Waldviertel along the Kamp River is now online!

It not only shows images of the time they spent along the river, sleeping under the stars, cooking and living together, walking, biking, swimming but also heavily stresses the urgent need to protect Europe’s rivers!

You can help protect Europe’s rivers and waterbodies too!

Add your name to the WWF petition and send a strong message to the European Union to keep their hands off the water protection law and ensure that our rivers have the protection needed.  We love them for swimming, rafting, hiking along, fishing, kayaking, meditating, drinking! and enjoying…and more.

Enjoy this year’s Riverwalk 2018 video and sign the petition today!

The text in the video is in German.

Big thanks to the Riverwalk team and Elli for making the amazing video!