• July 30, Day 17: Cruising through beautiful Bavaria!

    After a night without the tarp, we woke up under the blue sky, ate our daily dose of porridge with view on motivated people in the fitnesscenter and got ready to take off to the center of Wasserburg. Sadly, Daniel had to leave the group today. We had a long goodbye and also some tears. […]

  • July 29, Day 16: Here comes the sun 😀

    How sun changes mood and gives everyone a smile even in the morning before breakfast. We guess, or at least it feels like that, it was the first sunny day after two weeks. Already in the night the wildest slept under the stars without the tarp. Others were proud because they learnt how to built […]

  • July 28, Day 15: Third week, third country 🙂 Guten Tag, Deutschland!

    We woke up after a rainy night in Kufstein and enjoyed looking at the sky as it was slowly turning blue suggesting that we will have some nice weather. The cooking team prepared a wonderful breakfast and we enjoyed it while feeling the sun on our skin again after such a long time. We were […]

  • July 27, Day 14: The magic of silence

    Finally, after a rainy day and night we slept relaxed until a peacock woke us up. After a typical breakfast (means: Poridge and bread), but this time much more chilled with guitar music and singing from Maria, we went through Kufstein by bike. As we have received delicious bread from the local bakery Hauber we […]

  • July 26, Day 13: It´s raining – man – it´s raining

    When we all woke up it already started raining. As usually we had porridge for breakfast. After we packed our stuff and all the tarps, we stood in a circle in order to speak about the day. We were already very wet, when we started our bike tour. We changed our plans and instead of […]

  • July 25, Day 12: „Cold hands, warm hearts“

    After a restday in Innsbruck and the very informative „Wild Rivers Film Night“ with Tobias Schäfer from „GRÜNE LIGA“ we had enough new energy to start Day 12 at 6 o’clock in the morning. The reason for getting up that early was a meeting with local journalists at the Inn river in the center of […]

  • July 23, Day 10: Raft´n chill, yeah!

    In the middle of the night a thunderstorm woke us up roughly. It lasted for about an hour but most of us stayed dry. After a good breakfast we started the day with a funny ninja-game. Back on our rafts we made a first stop at a little waterfall and tried to swim under it. […]

  • July 22, Day 9: Hitting the waves

    The tarp had one more time successfully kept us dry from the continous rain. Over night there was quite a lot of precipitation coming from the sky which didn’t help to make our soaked clothes dry. Being almost late in departure (surprise!), after only a few kilometres we were special guests of a luxury fish […]

  • July 21, Day 8: Crossing the border!

    Our day began in Strada. After breakfast we had a group game and the first goodbye of our guest walker, Dario 🙁 Our plan was to cross the Swiss-Austrian border which was only ten kilometers away. But after a few minutes an accident happend. A group member fell from her bike with an unintended double […]

  • July 20, Day 7: Last day in Switzerland 🙁

    After breakfast we had a guided tour at a hydropower plant a few minutes away from the campground. We had a nice guided tour through the buildings. The guide explained us how the power plant produces electricity and how it is built up. Then we started our way to the next campside in Strada. Shortly […]