The last full day… “Today we woke up early and said our thanks and goodbyes to Gent’s relatives. Afterwards, we started our trip back to Lake Shkoder. Nate left with the WWF van (minus the spare tire, as someone must have needed it more than us!) to get to the car ferry, while we were […]

  • Walkabout – Lekbibaj style

    While some of us rested and recovered, others went out to explore the area around Lekbibaj!  Nate played the princess in the tower…and let down his hair!  

  • Saying goodbye to Valbone Valley

    Our stay in Dragobia ended on the 29th with a quick clean up of the whole area where we had lived for more than three days on Fation´s farmland. In less than two hours, all our trash was collected, the tarp tents broken down, our dirty clothes washed and everything else stuffed into the WWF […]

  • Last day of Riverfest!

    Aaah what a morning, after the second night most of the 20 some Albanian participants felt much better because it was their second night of sleeping outside (and they were exhausted). After the breakfast we headed to the river where people could choose between 3 different workshops. Today, we had a wild animal (mainly, lynx) […]

  • Riverfest…full of fun, input and new connections!

    The first ever Riverfest 2016 – Seminar for active citizenship and youth leadership began today! Thanks to the generous support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for making this amazing event possible.  Enjoy a few of the best of images from the first full day of workshops and intercultural connections.      

  • Preparing for the Riverfest after a mighty storm

    Preparing for the Riverfest after a mighty storm

    What a night! Let’s just say we got rained on… okaz, it as a downpour, and it was really heavy! It lasted for a least 45 min and it really tested our tarp tents. They served their purpose really well. Just some of us got wet but still they managed through this crazy storm. We […]

  • Arrival into Dragobia…and the river crossing

    Are you curious… thank you guys for keeping your fingers crossed – it didn’t rain although lightening was observed during the night by the outdoor sleepers! An early breakfast gave us the energy to leave Cerem already at 7 in the direction of Dragobi. Some thunder rumbles and rain drops gave us company during the […]

  • The hot walk up…to Cerem

    Thanks to our super guides we started walking at 7.45! But the day actually started one hour earlier with a special breakfast! While walking on the concrete roads of Kukaj, we stumbled across a local festival called alpine fest. At this event, tourists and local people had fun and we used the occasion to spread […]

  • Easy hike to Kukaj…

    Today, we started our hike up to Kukaj pretty late in the day as we had a cosy bonfire with music and storytelling the night before. Furthermore, we had to figure out the plan and the logistics for the next few days. Finally, we agreed that Nate would drive the van to Valbona while the […]

  • Only 10 hours of walking… up and over!?

    Someone was singing: “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!” The 18 pairs of itchy-feet woke up early at sunrise, the light pouring in from the path to Valbona. We all knew that the light was calling for hikers to get to the top of the guardian mountains, and to discover the […]