A big thanks!

At first it seemed like disaster had hit.

We received word that our EU Erasmus+ application was turned down.

Now, what to do? Would this be the end to Riverwalk 2016? Would the “wildest Riverwalk yet” come to a complete standstill?

WWF_logo_25mm_oben_shcr_weiss_ohneTitleLuckily, that was not the case!  WWF Adria and WWF Austria came to the rescue and have committed enough base funding to cover the most basic costs of the project!  To that end, we say “Thanks!”

This means, that we now move into the next phase of the project = making it a reality!

We’ve selected the participants and are collecting their photos and “Why walk?” statements for the website – found here.

We will move forward with confirming the route through the amazing Valbona and Theth National Parks!  The planning will continue of the program, camping sites, menu, and all the other components necessary to make it an unforgetable and powerful experience.

Stay tuned to follow us as we embarck on the wildest Riverwalk ever! 

Riverwalk 2016…the next steps!

The EU funding application has been submitted…and now we’re waiting on the answer which will hopefully be soon, and a positive response!

The application phase for participants has closed and the selection is being made right now. From a quick look at the list, we received over 50 applications! Unfortunately, we can only take a total of 20 people or 5 (1 coach + 4 participants) from each country. The selection process will be VERY difficult as there are so many interested and motivated people out there.

We will notify all the applicants after we hear back from the EU about the funding proposal.

Check back for our next posting!

Happy trails,
the Riverwalk team